Member list(Last Update:2014.4.1)
Appointment Team Department Name
Electronic-Team Leader
Electronic Computer Science and Electronics
Bachelor 4th
Koutaro Inoue
General affairs
Accountant profession
Software Systems Design and Informatics
Bachelor 4th
Shun Fujii
Software-Team Leader Software Creative Informatics
Master 1st
Hiroyuki Hayashi
Software Information Systems
Master 2nd
Atsuki Furuhata
Software Advanced Informatics
Master 4th
Keita Nishimura
Electronic Human Intelligence Systems
Master 1st
Susumu Kawashima
Software Interdisciplinary Informatics
Master 1st
Takeru Kiyosue
Interdisciplinary Informatics
Master 1st
Shohei Kido
Mechanical Systems Design and Informatics
Bachelor 4th
Ryota Nakanishi